Coping with Company Insolvency

Despite the negative stigma surrounding company insolvency, it is not an uncommon occurrence, and can be handled quite effectively if placed in the hands of the right experts.

The company insolvency experts at Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) can assist you by conducting a thorough company insolvency assessment to determine whether voluntary company liquidation is necessary. A professional and independent company insolvency assessment is a critical process to undertake, as many company directors can become blinded by their financial pressures and unable to see the reality of their financial situation. Another risk
is that a director might place themselves and their company in further jeopardy by continuing to trade whilst insolvent.

After the company insolvency assessment establishes that your company is in fact insolvent, the next step is to decide upon a solution. The recommended course of action for an insolvent company is to voluntarily enter into liquidation, which is known as a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation.

Many directors find that the effect of placing their insolvent company into liquidation is like the release of a pressure valve. Once the insolvent company is liquidated, a director is free to move on with his/her life after a long, stressful battle with insolvency. A Registered Liquidator is appointed to the case and will manage all financial affairs and creditor enquiries.

When dealing with the stress of company insolvency it can be easy to make the mistake of placing your difficult situation into the wrong hands. Many corporate insolvency practitioners can be quite pricey, and they do not always act with the company’s best interests in mind. However, here at ACL, we understand the financial pressure that you are already feeling, and won’t push your company into further debt by asking for exorbitant and ongoing service
fees. Instead, ACL asks the company director for a one-off, fixed contribution to the liquidation process. The director will not be asked to pay more into their company insolvency case further down the track.

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If you are struggling with company insolvency and have spoken to other registered liquidators, call us before making your final decision. We will beat any written quote for fees from a registered company liquidator! You will also have peace of mind knowing that ACL will handle your company’s insolvency case with ease and sensitivity, and will continue to manage it through to its completion.

We are always available for advice by way of a free company insolvency hotline. Call ACL today on 1800 981 070 to help your company take the next step toward a debt and stress free future.

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