Why You Should Appoint a Liquidator Voluntarily

Why You Should Appoint a Liquidator Voluntarily

When your company is insolvent, you have several options of how to proceed with a liquidation. There are necessary steps you must take into consideration to properly follow. One of these processes is finding a liquidator.

Unless you prefer to have your liquidation planned by your creditors and ordered by the Court, you can choose your own liquidator. The option of appointing your own liquidator is only available if your creditors haven’t applied to court. If your creditors have already applied to court, then it is too late and you will need to work with the court appointed liquidator. Most people like to plan their liquidation carefully and find a registered liquidator who they feel comfortable withing with.

Choosing a liquidator can also be based on recommendations from accountants and lawyers who have experience in the insolvency industry.

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