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Businesses That Survived the Recession are Now at Risk of Liquidation

An alarming warning has been issued by one of Scotland’s leading experts in corporate financial distress, stirring unease and angst amongst directors of companies around the world. Matt Henderson, restructuring partner for accountants Johnston Carmichael, has claimed that the improving economy of 2015 actually encompasses a counter-intuitive risk of liquidation for many businesses.



Voluntary Administration has increased by 13.4% from 2013 to 2014

Henderson’s analysis of official UK statistics reveals that despite reports of falling company insolvency numbers, the number of Scottish companies facing the prospect of liquidation and voluntary administration has in fact increased by 13.4% from September 2013 to September 2014.

He states that contrary to common assumption, companies are the most financially vulnerable when the economy is doing well and directors relax, believing that the worst is over. Henderson lists some of the perils of economy recovery as the need to carry additional stock; the need to invest in new plant and equipment; the need to finance and hire new employees or contractors and to finance an expanded sales ledger.

If companies do not have adequate access to growth capital and don’t restructure their company to enable growth, they may face the undesirable prospect of liquidation. Henderson states that additionally, with a possible forecasted interest-rate rise later in 2015, more companies than ever are likely to face insolvency down the track.

If your company is facing liquidation, or you suspect the prospect of liquidation is not too far down the road, Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) can help. Our team of professional liquidation specialists can provide you with expert advice on your individual case. Our fully licensed and experienced team can also assist you with the actual process of liquidation.

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ATO’S Latest Efforts to Eradicate Phoneix Businesses

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a warning to business owners across the nation by detailing its latest operation in targeting and eradicating phoenix businesses.

A Phoenix is where a business has been deliberately transferred to a related party for inadequate consideration and the old company is placed into liquidation so that the business owners are able to avoid paying creditors, employees and tax. The Phoenix of a business creates an unfair market advantage as the process allows them to undercut their competition by not paying business overheads and taxes.



The Australian Economy accounts for approx. $3.2 billion a year of Fraudulent Business Activity

The significant increase in fraudulent phoenix activity and high costs to the Australian economy (approximately $3.2 billion a year) has led to the establishment of the Inter-Agency Phoenix Forum — a joint operation by the ATO and various other government agencies. Within this forum, collective intelligence is combined to design and carry out operations that will decrease illegal phoenix activity across Australia.

The ATO Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston explained that the operation involved a string of surprise access visits to multiple business and residential sites in Sydney. The visits were made with the assistance of the NSW Police Gangs Squad Strike Force Raptor, National Anti-Gangs Squad and Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad.

Cranston stated that the information gathered from the companies will be used to provide more intelligence about potential phoenix operators and facilitators in Australia, and the methods that they use to try to cheat the national tax and superannuation systems.

The consequences for engaging in fraudulent phoenix activity are very serious. To avoid the possible confiscation of personal assets and lengthy jail sentences that may result from conducting in phoenix activity, contact Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) today. The liquidators at ACL are registered and licensed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and will handle your liquidation case in adherence to their strict protocol and
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Leading Liquidation Advice

Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) is a professional team of insolvency practitioners who have years of experience in providing liquidation advice and helping businesses that are facing financial difficulties.

Licensed professionals in the industry, our team members are qualified to provide expert liquidation advice, feedback and consultation regarding any corporate insolvency case. ACL are fully licensed and fully insured as required by ASIC; we are not unlicensed brokers and we will not pass your company liquidation on to someone else to complete.


ACL is an industry leader that has provided corporate insolvency advice and services for many years, and has successfully assisted many Australian company directors to bring their companies into liquidation

At ACL, our licensed professionals offer liquidation advice and services at the lowest price – guaranteed. We will happily beat the prices of any of our competitors, provided you present a written quote from another registered liquidator.

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Why is Your Family Business Failing?

Do you own or work for a family business?

Research shows that firms that are run by families often have ‘the family advantage’, meaning they frequently outperform their non-family peers in the corporate race. One study found that the annual revenue of family businesses on the S&P 500 grew at more than double the rate of their counterparts.

However, with more than 50 per cent of Australia’s workforce employed in family business, it is alarming that this sector is increasingly facing challenges that will cause many of them to fail over the next decade.

Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) has compiled a list of the three top reasons why your family business might be heading towards liquidation.

1. Business leaders do not effectively train their successors and lack succession planning.
If family business owners want to ensure their company will survive after they leave, it is of paramount importance that they begin training their successor as soon as possible. It is risky to delay succession planning and incidents such as death or illness can occur, which can be detrimental to the company.
2. Many businesses do not have formal governance structures in place.
Many families are reluctant to formalise the way their business is managed. But without formal governance, businesses are at risk of internal conflict and ownership issues in the future.
3. Ineffective branding of family name.
Many family businesses do not effectively leverage the trust that many customers have in firms that are run by families.

If you have decided that liquidation is the only and led professionally by a registered liquidator who is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. At ACL, we offer a team of fully licensed liquidation practitioners who are experts at handling voluntary corporate liquidations.


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