The New Age of Agile Marketing Accelerated by COVID-19

The Coronavirus Pandemic has rapidly changed consumers, the economy and people’s behaviours. This means that businesses require a more resilient and fluid marketing approach that is able to adapt to the rapid changes we are currently facing every day. Increasingly, businesses are adopting an agile marketing approach as a response to these market conditions.

With the pandemic accelerating this agile marketing transformation across the industry, those that fail to do so may get left behind. The reality is that digitalisation is the next step forward, and becoming one of the only ways for businesses to survive. Many businesses are also opting for more cross-functional teams to break down barriers between different teams and increase versatility within the company.
At its core, agile marketing is taking on a customer-centric approach, putting the customer and their buying processes first.

Here are some examples of agile marketing where marketers have adapted their approach to the pandemic:

  • Automotive marketers such as Ford offering payment relief to those affected by COVID-19.
  • McDonald’s selling essential groceries such as bread, milk and eggs that can be picked up alongside their contactless drive-thru or takeaway order.
  • Local family restaurants implementing delivery have decided to keep it as a permanent service in their business.

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